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I'm Steven Naranjo and I am a photography nerd in San Diego that loves shooting weddings. I am moved by photography and have been an enthusiast from a young age. Since then I have learned that time moves too fast to savor all of life's precious moments. I have dedicated my business to making sure that all my brides and grooms, like you, get not only the best photos and experience but helping them ascertain the value of printed heirlooms. What would be the point of hiring a photographer only to never see your beautiful photos on your walls, or in a quality album that you are proud to to show friends and family? Photography allows you to go back to those times you love and miss, and to relive them once more. Whether it is a candid moment or special event, you deserve a chance to preserve those special times and memories.  That is why I love weddings, engagements and capturing heartfelt moments. That is what I do as a photographer, and I love doing it for you.