Whats In My Bag

A truly great photographer is always looking out for the brides. That means being prepared and aware of the brides needs. This goes a step beyond capturing those photos that they don’t want missed. I’m talking about a few disaster prevention items that can keep those beautiful moments flowing. Here are 4 non-photo related things I keep in my bag. 

1. Water & Snacks: 

There's nothing worse that trying to look photo ready when you're tummy is grumbling. Like they say, you're not yourself when you're hungry. Even the loveliest of brides can become the bridezilla they hoped to avoid on an empty stomach. So, what I like to do is keep bottled water and a few healthy snacks in my bag, such as: nuts, dates, dried fruit, and a variety of protein bars. This way whether someone just forgot to eat or needs a little something to anchor the mimosa breakfast I'm able to offer some healthy, energy fueled options. Not to mention, photography is hard work! Rather than being weighed down by a gourmet meal, I eat a light breakfast and may choose a snack to hold me through the day. This way I stay alert and focused.   

2. Ibuprofen/Aspirin

Since I brought up the mimosas, it just makes sense why I would have ibuprofen and aspirin on me. Of course, there are brides that will not be drinking. Although, with so much anxiety they may forget to hydrate which could lead to a bad headache. Now, let’s not forget there is a lot of running around too, so their feet are going to get tired eventually. Having this available if needed may just help someone get through the day, and help you get those amazing shots.

3. Tide To-Go

Life is dirty, stains happen! I like to dress dapper for the weddings I shoot and i’m not afraid to get down and dirty to get an amazing angle for a photo. Not only has this been useful for me personally, but it's turned out to be useful for many brides in pinch as well. Tide To-Go sticks, or Shout stain cloths are great for cleaning up little accidents with food, liquids, makeup, or other unforeseen dress disasters. Granted it isn’t designed for every fabric, but it doesn't hurt to have it available. When it is useful for someone, it feels good to the prepared hero. The bride will be so thankful. 

4. Portable Speakers 

Keeping a small portable speaker on hand is a great option for a little added ambience. Having some of the brides favorite jams playing (yes I said jams, I’m hip like that) is sure to have the bride and her bridesmaids singing along and dancing in no time. Who wouldn’t want to capture cool, spontaneous photos of that? It can also be great during the couples portrait session. Most people do not like being in front of the camera, I know that’s why I’m happily the one behind it. A great way to ease into a portrait session is to put on some familiar music. The next thing you know someones foot is tapping, a little dancing, and then you get the first of many great shots to come. 

Some may say, these items are not necessary. That is true. But, don't be one of those photographers that only caries what is necessary, think outside the box and wow your clients.